How to Apply

Are you a good listener?

Do you want to help those in your residential community?

Then become a Peer Ear!

We are trained by counselor Daniel Debowy at MIT Medical. There are three options of training times in a year, if applied in Spring, there is a Summer or a Rush week training. If applied in Fall there is a training during IAP.

Like our Facebook Page for reminders on application dates and processes.

Email with your application if you want to be put on a rolling basis list immediately. Here is the template we used last application round for considerations, please do not fill out as application for the new year is subject to change.

Application Form (For Spring 2016 Training)

As a Peer Ear, you'll be expected to play an active role in planning workshops, trying to reach out to your living group, and supporting your peers in the best way you feel appropriate :) That being said, you are highly encouraged to attend the 1/month General Body Meetings and semi-weekly living group meetings that are held. We do at the end of the year request that you reaffirm whether you would like to continue with Peer Ears or not.

Note: Due to current MIT Medical Policies, students who are designated MedLinks unfortunately cannot be accepted.