This is the official site for MIT's Peer Ears, a residence-based mental health support network. You can contact us at peerears@mit.edu.

We are MIT students who are interested in emphasizing mental health resources on campus and are supporters in their communities. This is a new residence program, having only started in 2012, but we have a diverse membership of almost all dorms and now FSILGs. The goal of this campus wide but living group focused organization is to create a more transparent and accessible atmosphere around asking for help. But most importantly we are friends who care about others and want to keep learning how to help improve our living communities and the people we struggle together with.

We emphasize tailored-to-living-group mental health discussions and working with the houseteam to create a working support network. Through workshops, one-on-one open hours, and general openness to talk we try to reach out to our living group to let them know we care, we want to help, and we understand.

We are non-mandated reporters and are mentored and trained by MIT Medical counselors.

We also advise MIT Mental Health and Counseling on projects and outreach to student project initiatives. Our position within our living groups gives us a unique and direct perspective on the student experience and what are the best courses of action that administration can take to better it.